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4/1/2010 9:55:13 AM
Richa Pandey

icon Solved Assignments Of CS-67
  pls send me solved assignments not unsolved.

4/9/2010 7:30:44 AM
Arup Basak

icon Re: Solved Assignments Of CS-67
  Assignment Number : BCA (4)-67/Assignment/2010
Maximum Marks : 25
Last Date of Submission : 30th April, 2010 (For January Session)
30th October, 2010 (For July Session)
There is two question in this assignment. Answer all the parts of each question. You may use illustrations or diagrams to support your answer. You have to implement the database system using any RDBMS.
Question 1: (20 Marks)
A Share trading Company maintains its client’s data using a database system. The company keeps a list of its clients, their accounts and share held by them. A client can maintain an account with the company, however, this account should have a minimum balance. A client can sell his/her shares or buy new shares, based on their account balance, by giving instructions to the company from time to time. The clients of the company may be individuals or other companies. Perform the following activities for this share trading company:
(a) Make an ER-diagram for the company, stating assumptions if any. You may use the concept of keys, aggregation, generalisation, cardinality etc. in a proper way. (2 Marks)
(b) Design the suitable RDBMS tables for the ER-diagram so created in part (a). The database design should include keys, foreign keys, constraints and referential integrity constraints. (2 Marks)
(c) Implement the database design that you have created in (b) using a RDBMS – our advice is that you choose either MySQL or MS ACCESS to do so. (2 Marks)
(d) Create the following data entry forms with suitable checks.
(i) Data entry for a new client including a new account creation.
(ii) Purchase of new shares
(iii) Selling of shares
(iv) Amount deposition/ withdrawal by the client from his account. (2 Marks)
(e) Enter at least 5-10 sets of records in each table preferably using data entry form created in part (d) (2 Marks)
(f) Create the following reports for the database you have created. The reports should have proper headings and page numbers and should include totals, if needed.
(i) Report on present balance of all the accounts
(ii) List of shares of a specified client
(iii) The client wise list of shares sold or purchased by the company in a month.
(iv) The statement of the account of a client for the current month.
(2 Marks)
(g) Write and run the following SQL queries for your database: (4 Marks)
(i) Find the details of the share that has been purchased the most in the current month.
(ii) Find the costliest share that has been sold.
(iii) Find the client who is most active (Note – please count the number of transactions made by the clients).
(iv) List the details of all the shares bought by client whose name is “xyz”.
(v) Find the list of clients whose account balance is below the minimum permitted account balance.
(vi) Find the clients who has not done any transaction in the current month.
(h) Design two views for the database that you have designed and implemented in this question. One view should be for the CEO of the company and other for clients who may be interested in various details of transactions made by the company for him/her. In addition, a client would like to find his/her account statement. Identify on what tables and what fields these two (CEO and Clients) will be allowed to have access. Implement these views or write equivalent queries for the view defining expression using SQL. (4 Marks)

Question 2:

Construct an E-R diagram for Assignment Marks Management System for BCA. Create 1st Normal Form tables from the ER diagram. Identify all the functional dependencies and normalize your table design to 3rd Normal Form. Make and state suitable assumptions, if any.
(5 Marks)

4/19/2010 3:03:16 AM

icon Re: Solved Assignments Of CS-67
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