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2/12/2011 12:08:08 AM

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  sir plz send FST-1 2011 assignment with solution.

2/18/2011 9:05:10 AM

icon Re: Send Fst-01 2011 Assignment

2/18/2011 9:26:56 AM

icon Re: Send Fst-01 2011 Assignment
  here is the fst questions

8/2/2011 1:10:02 AM
R Muthuraju

icon Re: Send Fst-01 2011 Assignment
  Answer all questions.
1. a) Compare the life styles and the level of scientific and technical know how of sixteenth
century Europe and sixteenth century India. What are the reasons that keep India
lagging behind the western countries in almost all areas related to development? (5)
b) Describe the features of the Indian state and the social organization that helped the
growth of science and technology in the Maurya and Gupta period. (5)
2. a) Describe two major ways of exploring the universe. Discuss two kinds of information
that each of them has provided about the universe. (5)
b) i) Name two incidents that have created a great deal of interest in the planets Mars
and Jupiter, respectively.
ii) Explain two differences between astronomy and astrology. Discuss why
astrology cannot be considered to be a science. (2+3)
3. a) Discuss the impact of freedom movement on the development of science and
technology in pre-independent India. (5)
b) Explain briefly the theory of chemical evolution and its scientific basis. (5)
4. a) Describe as to how the age of fossils of plant and animals etc. is determined. (5)
b) Describe the types of natural resources available on our earth. (5)
5. a) What are the consequences of deforestations? Suggest three conservation measures to
counter deforestation. (5)
b) Differentiate between primary and secondary pollutants. (5)
6. a) Discuss briefly the major problems area of agriculture in modern India. (5)
b) Explain why pure drinking water, clean food, hygienic habits and environmental
sanitation are necessary for the prevention of infection diseases? (5)
7. a) Compare the way of learning through stimulus and response with that by reward and
punishment method. (5)
b) Explain with the help of an example how communication can change the political
scenario. (5)
8. a) Discuss with the help of examples, how small scale industry can benefit by the use of
technology. (5)
b) What are the problems a country may encounter when it decides to improve the
technology developed in other nations? (5)
9. a) Describe major achievements of the Indian nuclear programme of using nuclear
energy for peaceful purposes. (5)
b) Describe ways in which the use of computers has benefited users. (5)
10. a) How can scientific temper help faster self-reliance? (5)
b) Select one of the modern technologies discussed in Units 29 and 30. Analyse its
impact on our society. (5)

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